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Key Features:
30 MHz - 18 GHz Frequency Range
Better than - 20 dB Reflectivity
Closed Cell Construction - Waterproof

FerroSorbTM PS is the latest evolution of ETS-Lindgren low profile, hybrid anechoic absorber technology. It combines proven FerroSorb performance with rigid, closed cell construction. Using numerical modeling software, the FerroSorb PS was optimized to deliver broadband performance required for EMC test chambers.

Most traditional absorbers attenuate electromagnetic energy using a substrate that has been volumetrically loaded with lossy material. New FerroSorb PS takes a different approach by using lossy films to create a broadband matching network. The network provides a smoothe transition from free space impedance to the lossy ferrite tile base. As a result, more RF energy enters the ferrite tile where it can be absorbed effectively.
As a result of ETS-Lindgren's engineering and manufacturing process, FerroSorb PS demonstrates excellent agreement between computed and measured performance. Excellent agreement has been shown between predicted performance and actual measured NSA data.