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Dimension : 680mm x 620mm x 350mm
Shielding Meterial : Steel 2mm
Surface Finish : Epoxy Powdered Coating(with Customer's Logo)
Weight : about 40 Kg
Box Body and Cover

Gas Shover : 500(30Kg) 2 sets
Filter Box for Connectors - 80Pin IDE Connector
Filter Box for Connectors - 15Pin Data Line Connector
Filter Box for Connectors - D-Sub 9Pin Connector (or 15pin)
Filter Box for Connectors - N Type Connector
Filter Box for Connectors - Adaptor(NP-SMAJ)
Filter Box for Connectors - Dc Power Jack(+,-) : 0~24V
Microwave Absorber Lining
Cooling Fan and Vents
EMI Shieling Gasket
Can meet any of customized spec
PC Monitoring Data Line : Common Mode Test Set
sdfadsfa1) Rated Voltage : DC500V
sdfadsfa2) Insertion Loss : 100MHz~2.4GHz-65dB
sdfadsfa3) Isolation Resistance : 100mΩ

sdfadsfa4) Connectors : D-Sub Connector / Gender Changer
sdfadsfa5) DC Power Input : 0~24V
Shielding Gasket : Transfer Impedance Test
sdfadsfa1) Shielding Effectiveness : 10KHz-10GHz,100dB
sdfadsfa2) Monel Wire Mesh Type : QQN281 Class A
Microwave Absorber - Wave Guide Arch Test (Polyurethane Foam)
sdfadsfa1) 2GHz : -17dB
sdfadsfa2) 9GHz : -20dB
sdfadsfa3) 18GHz : -23dB