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Mini Chamber for Bluetooth Test
Bluetooth Application
Very cost effective solution debugging
A.Main Body------- a.Cylender : TCDA2TN50-600Y-A54,2 sets
AMain Body------ - b.Filter Box
: 25P(TBD)
AMain Body------ - c.Connectors : SMA
AMain Body------ - d.Antenna Mount Bracket
AMain Body------ - e.Microwave Absorber Lining
AMain Body------- ---.Absorption Loss ----1) 3GHZ : 30dB
AMain Body------- ---.Absorption Loss ----2) 6GHZ : 35dB
AMain Body------- ---.Absorption Loss ----3) 10GHZ : 40dB
AMain Body------- ---.Absorption Loss ----4) 15GHZ : 45dB
AMain Body------- ---.Absorption Loss ----5) 30GHZ : 50dB
AMain Body---- --- f.Turntable : Angle - 0~360 adjustable

AMain Body------- f.Turntab le : Speed - 1~60 turns per minute,adjustable
B.Table----- ------ a.Motor : PK296A1-SG10(2 phase)

AMain Body------ - b.Control Panel
B.Contro Box ------ a.Motor Drive : ASA-204UN,2sets
AMain Body------ - b.Controller : AMC-F11a,1 set

1.Main Power : AC220V
2.Chamber Body Size : 1200mm x 1000mm x 1000mm(H)
3.Working Table Size : 1200mm x 115
0mm x 550m(H)(TBD)
4.Body Material : SPC3 2T
5.Weight : about 200Kg
6.Turntable Size : 400mm dia.
7.Required Main Air Pressure : 6 Bar

Cellular antennas (surface / satellite (IMT-2000) (0.8 to 2.2GHz)
Stationary satellite communications (GPS) (1.5GHz-/5.1GHz-)
Wireless LAN (2.4GHz-/5.1GHz-/19.1GHz-)
Automatic toll collection systems(ETC-electronic toll collection system) (5.6GHz)
Satellite broadcasting (BS/CS)(11.7GHz)
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) (60GHz)
12" Absorber 8" Absorber 4"Absorber
Minimum Frequency 0.8GHz~ 1.5GHz~ 3.0GHz~
Longest distance between transmitter/receiver(M) 1.125
(3 at 800MHz)
(3 at 1.5GHz)
(3 at 3GHz)
Radio wave absorber Pyramidal Type
(12" Thickness)
Pyramidal Type
(8" Thickness)
Pyramidal Type
(4" Thickness)
Shielding performance 85dB and above
(at 800MHz)
85dB and above
(at 1.5GHz)
85dB and above
(at 3.1GHz)